Word Processing Component


  • Name: Raymund O’Connor
  • Email: raymund.oconnor@csn.ie

IT Rules & Regulations

Assessment (Assignment 20% and Exams 80%)

  • Examination Part 1 40% -1.5 hour practical – December
  • Assignment Part 1 10% –  Mail Merge in class week – February
  • Assignment Part 2 10% – Report in class week – February
  • Examination Part 2 40% -1.5 hour practical – April

Login / Log out of student network

  • Username: csn19.firstname.surname@csn.ie
  • Password: !Welcome.2019

(eg student, !CSN.letmein)

File Management

  • IT Induction (log into OneDrive – demo create, print, save files, etc)
  • Create a folder for each component (files and folders)
  • Outlook (attachments / calendar / etc)
  • Backup to OneDrive (similar to Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc)
  • Create PDF using camera app and OneDrive to photograph pages

Year Plan

Component Specification

Exercises (combining with Work Experience & Communications)


1. Describe a typical word processing application in terms of common uses and features including – text manipulation, document formatting, graphics, tabs, tables, mail merge and label printing
 Describe how to change the appearance of a document by text manipulation
 Describe document formatting
 Describe the uses of graphics in a word document
 Understand the uses of tabs e.g. decimal tabs etc.
 Describe the uses of tables
 Describe the uses of mail merge and the benefits of label printing

  1. What is a word processor? A program/app or machine for storing, manipulating, and formatting text entered from a keyboard and providing a printout. Example: Microsoft Word, Google Docs, WordPad, WordPerfect.
  2. What are word processing programs used for? Tools are provided to format, design and produce the following – Typing letters, CVs, reports, manuals, posters, restaurant menus, mail merging, formatting and printing labels.
  3. Word Processing – Toolbar icons
  4. HOME MENU – Word – Home Toolbar
  5. Type name/date/2 paragraphs detailing your ICT experience/list of Hardware & Software used. Demo two main panels on Home menu ribbon.
  6. Type 3 paragraphs outlining what you did over weekend – demo indentation/hanging indent/justification/line spacing/styles – Class Exercise: 6 Paragraph – borders and shading – header and footer
  8. Demo download images from Google , insert picture/header/footer/page number
  9. Tables Video DemoTables – Car Sales ExerciseSolution CarSalesPDF
  10. Insert table to create your class timetable – demo insert cover page,page break/ borders/shading/inside, outside borders / find & replace – Soccer Education Timetable
  11. Open a new Word document –1-Benefits-of-Exercise
  12. Insert clipart, images(google), resize images. 2-Health-Fitness Demo to class: Saving from Google Images and resizing.
  13. Download: Pros of Office 365 Instructions: Pros of Office 365 – Instructions
  14. Download: Cons of Office 365 Instructions: Cons of Office 365 – Instructions
  15. National Skills Strategy File: National Skills Strategy Instructions
  16. Type your course timetable by Inserting a table. Insert a table of 10 columns and 6 rows. Type your timetable into the table. Select the following style for your table
  17. 3_Word_Ex
  18. 11 Garden 2
  19. Test – Useful Android AppsUseful Android Apps – Instructions – Useful Android Apps – COMPLETE
  20. Tabs exercise (ID, Member name, Age, Amount Paid) – Tabs Exercise – Leisure Centre Members
  21. Timetables_Ex
  22. 3 CSN Gym Modify the 3 CSN Gym file to look identical to the following document. 3 CSN Gym_Modified
  23. Artificial Intelligence Text Instruction: Artificial Intelligence Exercise
  24. Word_Notes
  25. Tables_Exercise_Calendar – 4 October Calendar
  26. Tables_Styles_Exercise
  27. Table Exercise – Split Tables
  28. Classroom Exercise 4a – Tables
  29. Classroom Exercise 4b – Tables
  30. 5 Centering Exercise
  31. 6 Numbering Exercise
  32. 7 Tabular Statement
  33. 8 Tabular Work and Footnotes
  34. Letter_Containing_Tabs
  35. 10 Split Table Practice Exercise
  36. Assorted Word Exercises
  37. Mail Merge: the automatic addition of names and addresses from a database to letters and envelopes in order to facilitate sending mail, especially advertising, to many addresses.

Evaluation Exercises

Xmas Exam 

Past Exam Papers:

Sample Exam – China Class Ex 5a 2019-2020 Class Ex 5b 2019-2020 Class Ex 5c 2019-2020 Exercise 5 Guidelines Indian Italian Images:

2. Identify frequently-used toolbar icons and related functions associated with file handling and text formatting
 Employ toolbar functions e.g. delete, bold, italics, underline
 Hide, display and customize toolbars
 Demonstrate clip art, WordArt, pictures, text box, smart art, symbols, shapes
 Resize pictures etc.
 Insert page break
 Change colour and size of font
 Subscript, superscript, drop capital
 Identify menus, tabs etc.
 Insert hyperlink, import data from another package, file type identification

3. Create documents applying a range of text processing features including – margins and line spacing, indenting text and paragraphs, borders and shading, numbering and bullets, copying and pasting text, enhancing text
 Change margins, set margins
 Line spacing
 Indenting text – hanging paragraphs, side headings, shoulder headings
 Aligning text – left, right, centre, justified
 Borders and shading
 Numbering and bullets
 Copying and pasting
 Enhancing text

4. Perform initial document configuration using page setup features to include – headers and footers, page numbering, paper size and orientation
 Headers, footers, switch from header and footer
 Inserting and aligning page numbers
 Page orientation – landscape, portrait, paper size e.g. A4, A5 etc. page breaks,
horizontal and vertical centering of text within a page
 Watermark
 Columns

  • Download this file Footer – Section – Page Breaks and Columns
  • Insert the following text as a header “Sections – Columns – Watermark”
  • Insert a Watermark of on each page: Text “CSN”, font Arial Black size 144pt
  • Insert your name, class and date (which should update automatically) on each page.
  • Insert a section break at “Full-Featured Word Processors”
  • Insert a section footer for this section with a different footer (insert your middle name)
  • Put the last 3 paragraphs of the document in two columns with a line between them.
  • Your finished document should look like this Footer-Section-Page-Breaks-and-Columns-UPDATED

5. Use a range of proofing tools including – spell check, thesaurus, search and replace
 Spell check, thesaurus, search and replace

6. Apply file management facilities, including – creating files and folders, saving files in different formats, copying files and folders, renaming files, accessing file details, finding files using search facility
 Create files and folders
 Copy files and folders
 Rename files
 Access file details
 Save files in different formats – 97-2003, 2007, 2010 word document, PDF, RTF
 Search for a file using different criteria e.g. file name, date, etc.

7. Apply a range of table features including – creating tables, resizing, merging cells, inserting or deleting columns and rows, aligning text, applying borders and shading to tables and sorting table content
 Create tables
 Sort data
 Merge and split cells, resize tables
 Align text within cells
 Delete, add rows and columns
 Borders and shading of tables
 Decimal tabs

8. Mail merge Letters and labels

Useful resource notes – DeMontfortUniNotes

9. Use markup capabilities to make/track changes to documents
 Review and track changes

10. Produce a range of different types of documents using common word processing features including – manual text formatting, applying styles, creating tables, inserting and manipulating graphics
 Manual text formatting
 Applying styles
 Creating table
 Inserting and manipulating graphics

11. Print mailable documents and labels using a range of print features to include – print preview, single and multiple copies, printing specific pages, selecting parameters and adjusting the appearance and positioning of text and graphics
 Use print preview
 Print single page and multiple pages
 Print specific pages
 Print using select parameters
 Print having adjusted the appearance and positioning of text and graphics

12. Use a word processing application to create a file from a document template by performing all required steps including creating and storing the template, entering data, and printing and storing the file appropriately for subsequent retrieval

13. Improve personal performance by using additional resources such as the Help facility to solve familiar and unfamiliar word processing problems
Use resources such as :
 Help facility
 Reference books
 Websites
To solve word processing problems that are both familiar and unfamiliar to the learner for example:
 how to insert footnotes
 how to insert table of contents
 how to insert different headers/footers for different sections of document

Exam Checklist


  1. Word Processing – Toolbar icons
  2. Text manipulation – font/typeface, size, bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, subscript, superscript, colour, line spacing, borders, shading, styles.
  3. Document formatting – page size, margin, page border(border styles), columns, line spacing, left/center/right/full justification or alignment.
  4. Open a new Word document –1 Benefits of Exercise

Sample Exams

  1. Word Processing Sample Exam Header Footer Margins
  2. Past Exams 1: IT Draft Policy Document Logo Part 1 Part 2 Party Invitation WP Christmas Exam Checklist
  3. 2016 Past Paper: Exam 1 Instructions to candidates Sale Theatre Safety Solutions: Assignment 1 – Theatre Safety Solution Assignment 2a – Sale Solution Assignment 2b – Solution
  4. 2014 Past Paper Cover page 2014 WP test December Examination 1 Part 1 student instructions Examination 1 Part 2 student instructions IT Draft Policy Document Party Invitation Solution: Exam1Part1 with tracking
  5. Exercise: 20 Classroom Exercise 9b Files: Sociology as a science Solution: Sociology as a science with edits
  6. 11 Garden 2
  7. 2017-2018 Past Paper  WP EXAM 1 5th Dec race Race Solution[1] Hill Walking Hill Walking Test 
  8. 2018 Sample Exam WP Xmas Exam 2018 Class TOC 
  9. Sample Exercise: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4
  10. 2018 Exam Practice Paper Page 111 
  11. April Sample WP Exam: Spring Sample WP EXAM 2018 – Images:  Files: Sample Price Guide Table Text file: ICT_TextSampleFile
  12. April Sample WP Exam 2: Spring Practice WP EXAM 2019 Files: Open Day ,  , Heater Prices Overview , Brexit
  13. 2021 Sample Easter Exam – 2021-Sample-Easter-WP-Exam-Ray Files: ICT_Guidelines Image:
  14. 2021/2022 Sample Easter Exam Exam 


  1. ECDL TestECDL ICDL Word Processing – Syllabus – V6.0 – Sample Part-Tests – MS2016 – V1 – 0   Sample Test 1 files: addrlst agmletter game memorandum Sample Test 2 filessampletest2 sample part-tests answerfile2Mail Merge Letter and Label AssignmentMultiple Mail Merge and Labels ExercisesSample Price Guide TableICT_TextSampleFile