Name: Ray O’Connor

Required for Class and Assessments
– Scientific Calculator (eg. as used for Leaving Certificate)
– Geometry Set (pencil, ruler, eraser, compass, protractor, etc)

  • Timetable 3 hours plus 1 hour extra support (this hour will also be used for assignments which will be run as in class open book type assessments).
  • OneDrive app – Create a folder in OneDrive named Mathematics.
  • Demo how to use OneDrive app on smartphone to photograph answer sheets for submission via Moodle.
  • Microsoft Excel – useful for calculating Mean, Standard Deviation, drawing graphs, etc.
  • Online graph simulator – click HERE

What is Mathematics? Mathematics is an area of knowledge that includes such topics as numbers, formulas and related structures, shapes and the spaces in which they are contained, and quantities and their changes. Most mathematical activity involves the use of pure reason to discover or prove the properties of abstract objects, which consist of either abstractions from nature or—in modern mathematics—entities that are stipulated with certain properties, called axioms.

Geogebra software

Useful Maths site resource

Maths Planet website resource

2 Statistics


Useful Data

IT – Excel (relative frequency)

Excel basics video

3 Probability

4 Functions & Graphs

Cubic Functions – Solving Cubic Equations – Methods & Examples (

5 Linear Programming

Coordinate Geometry – all formula available in the Maths Formula and Tables doc,

Graph lines and inequalities Exercises y=4x-2y=8

Video: Linear Programming

1 Mathematical Modelling