• Data based decision making – End of Year Review Survey
  • YouTube as a support (simply type what you require help with)
  • Email – not the best or only means of communication (Recommend 5/10minute Teams/Zoom call daily/weekly, etc – far more effective means of communication)

Zoom (Web Conferencing – app must be downloaded and installed)

Observation – plan your class beforehand – advanced features such as poll to register attendance.

  • Tablet and Digital Pen – Demonstration (demo videos recorded and uploaded to YouTube)
  • Schedule a meeting – Email link to students or paste link to Moodle
  • Sharing screen/Whiteboard/etc during Zoom session
  • Recording videos with Zoom and uploading to YouTube channel (Storage space limited on OneDrive and video files can be large)
  • Host an immediate meeting without need to schedule

Office365 Apps (MyAnalytics, Outlook, OneDrive, Excel, Teams, etc)

Outlook (Calendar, ToDo, etc)

  • Calendar (ideal for scheduling Teams meetings
  • Email – Reply to All (Danger!!)
  • ToDo list (click once complete)

OneDrive (icon bottom right side of taskbar – blue is signed in/grey is not)

  • 1 File Management – Numbered folders – Demo my file structure
  • 2 Sort by Name – Compact List or Tile Mode
  • 3 Create Word/Excel docs and upload/download docs to folders on OneDrive/Laptop (drag and drop from min/max/reset window icon in top right corner)
  • 4 Creating PDF file using OneDrive app
  • 5 Cropping a photograph for PDF

Green circle with tick – right click “Free up space” file stored in cloud to save space on your device.

Green disc – right click file on your device and select “Always save on this device”


  • Ideal for attendance (cloud based White Roll book)
  • Demo Class Attendance log used 2019/2020 (attendance/feedback/assessments)
  • New Excel Form (create in a folder, share with staff and view responses)


  • Admin required to create a team, add members, etc


  • Logging into Moodle and submitting Assignment video
  • Creating a PDF from handwritten solutions video