Name: Raymund O’Connor

Required for Class and Assessments
– Scientific Calculator (eg. as used for Leaving Certificate)
– Geometry Set (pencil, ruler, eraser, compass, protractor, etc)

IT Rules & Regulations
– From Student Handbook on
– Login / Log out of Office365/Moodle

File Management
– Log in/out of Office 365
– Office 365 basics (waffle/apps/etc)
– IT Induction (log into OneDrive – demo create, print, save files, etc)
– Create a folder for each component (files and folders)
– Backup to OneDrive (similar to Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc)
– Use OneDrive app on your smartphone to photograph your written work and save as a PDF.
– Submitting assessment work using Moodle
– Microsoft Excel – useful for calculating Mean, Standard Deviation, drawing graphs, etc)

– Assignment 1 – 30%
– Assignment 2 – 30%
– Exam – 40%

Assessment deadlines must be adhered to. It is the responsibility of each student to read and comply with the assessment policy which is available in the Student Handbook from the CSN website. You should read the section on Extenuating Circumstances in the event of not making a deadline.

Maths Study Support (Note: Room and time may change from year to year)
– Details available from your course coordinator


Online graph simulator – click HERE

Mathematical Modelling & Linear Programming

Predicting using Linear Models –

Predicting using probability –

Videos: Linear Programming



Functions & Graphs

Cubic Functions Solving Cubic Equations – Methods & Examples (




Online graph simulator – click HERE


Complex Numbers

DeMoivre’s Theorem